Regulations on the obligations of the seller and the buyer

Seller’s Obligations:

  1. Consulting, guiding all information related to the product so that the Buyer understands and can use the service.
  2. Provide full products to Buyer on time and in quantity after Buyer has paid Seller in full.
  3. Assist Buyers in resolving complaints, inquiries and difficulties during product use.
  4. Provide documents related to Buyer’s payment to Seller such as receipts, invoices, etc. with the total amount set by Buyer.
  5. Buyer’s Obligations:
  6. Strictly comply with the processes and regulations related to the service prescribed by the Seller.
  7. Pay the Seller the full amount according to the order together with the prescribed documents and invoices (If any).
  8. Support and provide full information to the Seller regarding online – offline transactions when requested by the Seller.


Regulations on complaint handling process

  • Receive all customer complaints related to the use of products of
  • In all cases of warranty and exchange, please contact the hotline number with the company’s sales department to guide warranty procedures.
  • Complaint settlement time is within 07 (seven) working days from the date of receipt of customer’s complaint. In case of force majeure, both parties will negotiate by themselves.


Information storage time
Preserve and store customer’s transaction data for 3 months to 1 year from the date of transaction.
Keep the documents related to the customer’s complaint for a period of 03 months, from the date on which the investigation results are accepted by the customer.


Regulations on information security
Customer’s information when using to order on Vinh Tuong fabric printing website will be kept confidential and will not disclose your Personal Information to unrelated third parties without your consent. row.


Use of personal information and email:
In case of necessity, Union Trading can use the customer’s email information on the system to contact us such as emailing promotions, thank you letters, etc.


Sharing personal information:
Our company is committed not to disclose any information of the Client. Except for some necessary cases such as: when required by law enforcement agencies, in cases where we believe it will help us protect our legitimate interests before the law.