Green-skinned pomelo is spherical in shape, weighing on average from 1.2 to 2.5 kg/fruit; peel is green to yellowish green when ripe, easy to peel and fairly thin (14–18 mm); pink-red grapefruit cloves, tightly bundled and easy to separate from the septum; sweet and not sour (brix: 9.5–12%); aroma; meat/fruit ratio >55%.



Union Trading’s specialty of green skin pomelos and 5 whips pomelos originates from Vinh Long, Ben Tre

Features of pomelo products:

  • Green-skinned grapefruit has a spherical shape
  • The average weight of the fruit is from 1.2 – 1.8 kg / fruit
  • When ripe, the peel is slightly yellow, the peel is easy to peel (the grapefruit peel is only about 14-18mm thin).
  • The green-skinned grapefruit has a red-pink color, and the succulent grapefruit cloves are easy to separate.
  • Meat/fruit ratio is more than 55%.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg

Vĩnh Long, Bến Tre


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